What story are you wearing?

Storywood Bowties makes fashion accessories out of wood reclaimed from historic buildings, sites, and objects. Every product we make has a unique story intrinsically tied to the history of America. By donning one of our pieces of wearable art, you are helping to preserve historic and cultural icons that helped to make our country great.

Pick your Story!
Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row on Main Street is the original home of the bourbon industry in Louisville, Kentucky. Companies like Brown-Forman once called Whiskey Row home to their business offices. On July 6, 2015, fire partially destroyed three of the Whiskey Row buildings. StoryWood Bowties reclaimed wood from that fire, and uses it to make beautiful, wearable art with a unique story that showcases Louisville’s bourbon heritage.

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What is a StoryWood Bowtie?

A Storywood Bowtie is a beautifully hand-crafted, two layer wooden bow tie made from historic wood. The bow tie comes with a no-tie strap that fastens easily around your neck. Our ties stand out, and will start fresh conversations and make new memories every time you go out. Each tie is made in Louisville, KY.

The Story Book

We believe the presentation of these unique, wearable pieces of art is as important as the bow ties themselves. You don’t even have to wear our bowtie for it to look sharp. Put it on your coffee table or your bookshelf, and it will light up the room, inspiring your guests to ask questions and start interesting conversations.

We want our bow ties to be heirlooms, that are passed down from generation to generation, and we want them to be protected and displayed proudly. The storybook is unique packaging, for a truly unique bow tie.

Story Books are made of solid wood, are covered with full grain leather cow hide, and stamped with our logo in authentic archival ink. The corners of our storybooks are protected by sturdy metal book corners, and held in place by magnets embedded in the storybook.

Inside the Story Book

When you open the supple leather cover, you’ll find what truly makes StoryWood Bowties unique. Our beautiful, shiny, hand-crafted bow tie nestled into our heavy-duty wooden box. Each collection comes with it’s own unique story, both literally and figuratively.

StoryWood Bowties is about telling stories – the story behind the reclaimed wood we use to create our products, and our company’s efforts to help others create and share their own. So whether your bowtie tells the story of a historic building, an important person, or a legendary sports team, it will include a storypack: a small booklet that tells the story of where the wood in your bowtie comes from.

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Waterstep International

Water filters purchased: 1

Waterstep is a charity that provides water filtration solutions and sanitation training to people in third world countries. Storywood Bowties donates a portion of sales to Waterstep to help finance the purchase of water filtration systems for people in third world countries, saving lives and making the world a better place.

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Trees Louisville

Trees Planted: 400

StoryWood Bowties donates a portion of each sale to plant and nurse trees right here, in our very own community. Trees Louisville identifies public school campuses in low-canopy areas and plants a variety of trees using designs tailor-made for each location.

Donate to Trees Louisville