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Whiskey Row Secretariat
Man O’ War
Memorial Colosseum
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Maker’s Mark
Filison Historic Society
Pheonix Hill
Churchill Downs
Debois Highschool

With each of our belt buckles, earrings, bow ties, cuff links, pocket squares, and fedoras with wooden brims, there is a story.  Our past projects with reclaimed wood from buildings like Louisville’s historic Whiskey Row are more than wooden bow ties — and we put those notes from history into the hands of each of our customers in the form of a mini-book of words and pictures that we call the Story Pack.

Along with information you can find online, we seek out archives, exclusive interviews, and other documents at private libraries and collections to give our customers a more complete look at the piece of history they own through our wooden bow ties or other products.

For example, when you have a piece of Whiskey Row in your hand in the form of our wooden bow tie, you have more than reclaimed history: you also have a story.

Too often in a world full of easily replicated items, we not only lose out on environmental goals by avoiding reusing or reclaiming items like salvaged lumber from historic sites — but we also lose the detailed voices of the past.

However, with a StoryWood pocket square, wooden bow tie, or wood-brimmed fedora hat, you can not only look your best, but have interesting facets of history to share from some of the most interesting places on earth.

For all of these reasons, we know our StoryWood historic gift line will be the unique present you can give to yourself or someone important in your life.  From our current curated fashion line for 2017 to a personalized version that we create with you to your specifications, we include a history report from the historic salvage site to ensure that the insider stories of each place lives on.