What’s Included

With every purchase from our limited collection, you will receive our signature wooden StoryBook, a complete case for your piece of art, bound in authentic leather, and packed with everything you need to know about its history. Your StoryBook will also contain a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist, as well as our complimentary StoryPack, containing archive-based research and pictures of your new apparel’s origin.

Written April 17, 2017
Originally posted on UofL News

By Baylee Pulliam, UofL News

“We do more than make wooden bowties,” said Muhammad, the company’s CEO. “We tell the stories behind iconic buildings with historic significance.”

But while so much of his business is focused on preserving the past, the company’s present and future wouldn’t be possible without the University of Louisville.

StoryWood has enlisted Prof. Dan Vivian (History) to research the backstory of each piece of wood. The resulting text and photos are included with the product packaging.

Prof. Dan Vivian, Department of History

“History is all around us. It’s too important to live only in textbooks and classrooms,” Prof. Vivian said. “StoryWood makes the past personal. Their ties let people own a piece of something important to them, and to become part of the story themselves.”